Skism - rise of the idiots - SKisM - Rave Review - YouTube

This is the mother of all releases simply put. Smooth start drops us into one of the toughest Squat tracks ever, you will get deep… and you’ll love it. But if you don’t, theres a bonus squat track for you too! Equally as hard, but different sound :) The musical journey is a huge highlight - theres a bit of something for everyone and the chore follows the same path. Innovations in Chest with the Press Pullover, the 6 with more single arm options, or stick with the bar and hammer yourself properly, the 7… burn baby burn! Wider Plate squats…. ouch. The 9 feels completely different again, but is such a highlight, and we’ll go down together, right? Then just because this all wasn’t enough, the BODYPUMP 45 tracks are there at the end of the video, just because you deserve them ;) Enjoy, Glen

Skism - Rise Of The IdiotsSkism - Rise Of The IdiotsSkism - Rise Of The IdiotsSkism - Rise Of The Idiots