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In Bordeaux, the weather along the Garonne River is dank enough to produce the same noble rot essential to the wines of Sauternes. In Germany, the Mosel River provides the same conditions that affect Riesling grapes that are now part of the classification of German Riesling. And, in Alsace, France and Friuli, Italy producers even donned the words “Tokay” or “Tokai” on their labels to capture buyers. This confusion lead to the classification of the vineyards of Tokaj in 1730, which lead to a noble decree, made in 1757, to establish the closed production district of Tokaj.

This film tells the story of a few uneventful days in the life of six pals. Lali, a great fan of America, owns a sandwich stand on the side of the road, called The Glass Tiger. Gaben ... See full summary  »

Béres Ferenc - VirágénekekBéres Ferenc - VirágénekekBéres Ferenc - VirágénekekBéres Ferenc - Virágénekek